From Dreary to Cheery

From Dreary To Cheery


People from our awesome church have begun to catch wind of my new endeavors, and have been so supportive and excited for me as I get a chance to get creative in my spare time. One sweet lady even saved three dressers from her parents’ house which she was selling after they have moved to an assisted living facility for me to have and redo! Brandon and I drove out there one Saturday afternoon and picked them up and I was so thrilled. She must have apologized for them being in such poor condition ten times, but I told her that I thought they were well constructed and had tons of potential!

This mid-century 4 drawer dresser is the first one I got to tackle, and I tell you what…the fall weather we’ve been having has been luring me outside more and more! After the kids are done with school, snacks, and homework, I release them to play in the front yard and cul-de-sac, and drag whichever piece I’m working on into the driveway to happily paint away and enjoy the crispness in the air.

 BEFOREphoto 1

photo 3


When my friend from church came by the house the other day, she could hardly believe it was the same piece from her childhood home!




I even had a chance to put new drawer liners in to keep the fun, retro feeling going strong.

photo 2

photo 1

How about you? Has this beautiful fall weather made you want to tackle a new project outside? Tell me about it!


King-Sized Swankiness









King-Sized Swankiness


My engaged-to-be-married client that I mentioned in this post, had a few different pieces for me to work on as she and her fiance got ready to tie the knot and move into their new home. This find was one she got off craigslist…a beautiful king-sized headboard and foot board. I apologize for getting such crummy pics of it, because they really don’t do it justice. But you can kind of tell how detailed both pieces are. I guess that’s what happens when you get so excited about starting a project and then so excited about presenting the finished product to your client that you forget to take out your good camera and instead grab your iphone. Thankfully, she texted me a pic (below) of what it looks like all made up.

We learned from our mistake last time and decided to go with a not-so-high-end paint, which ended up working beautifully on this set. I love the color she picked…it was the palest of pale blue/grey, and it turned out just awesome!






(In all its newlywed glory!)

I love the bedding they chose to go with it!

If you have a piece that is outdated and blah and would like me to “re-love” it for you!

Contact me for further details.

Pretty in Pink

I recently had a client who was engaged and looking forward to her upcoming wedding. She and her fiance had just bought a home and, like many daughters who are in that stage of life, they had inherited some hand-me-downs from their families to help fill it up (thank God for hand-me-downs…I’m pretty sure our house would be close to empty without them).

Instead of going out to buy all new items, she decided to work with what she had. But understandably, with the impending wedding and new house, and all that comes with both, she didn’t have the time or energy to get it done herself.

I was happy to “re-love” this fun desk which she is now using as a vanity in her “dressing room” (I love that she has a “dressing room”, by the way!)



Usually, I’m a big fan of the chalk paint because it allows me to get going on putting the new color on without the hassle of having to sand down the surface. This was an exception because I could tell that there was a few layers of paint already laid on this baby. So, I pulled out my sander and my mask and took it down to the bare wood before painting it this beautiful pink so that it would look a little more original, and not like I had just thrown another coat of paint on top. Per her request, I only lightly distressed this piece, and I’m glad that I did, because I love the detailing in it and instead was able to use a dark wax in such a way as to help it stand out.




My client was super excited about her girly new vanity.

TIP:  Another tip that I’ll pass along to all you aspiring “re-lovers” of furniture. For those of you who like to make their own chalk paint using the Plaster of Paris recipe (you can find it on Pinterest), note that it doesn’t work so well with higher-quality paint. The paint she brought me for this was Sherwin Williams Duration paint. We love, love, LOVE this paint for the walls in our house. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else on our walls. The paint itself  goes on smoothly and is easy to clean (a must when you have as many kids in your house as we do). But when something in it doesn’t jive well when combined with the POP. It gets clumpy, dries out faster, and is very difficult to work with. So, if you’re looking to make your own chalk paint, I’d recommend going with a lower-end paint that doesn’t have a lot of additives, like what you would find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. You’ll save yourself a hot mess and a few bucks as well!

Happy Birthday, Before and After

  Happy Birthday Before & After

I seriously don’t know what I would do without my friends. God has truly blessed our family with some close friendships that have withstood the test of time. We’ve been in full-time ministry a long time, and have noticed that it is sometimes difficult, the higher you get in leadership, to have real friends. So these people who have stood with us through so many seasons of our lives are even more precious to us in light of that reality.

Claire’s that kind of friend to me. And it was her birthday recently. AND, she and her husband just bought a new home and are in the middle of figuring out how their furniture was going to jive in the new digs. So for a twist on the traditional birthday present, I told Claire that for her birthday I would “re-love” any piece of furniture she wanted. She chose this great table, a hand-me-down from her mom, who like my mom, probably had her fair share of pieces from the Bombay Company:


Back in the day, I knew that I would score big with ANY gift from the Bombay Company for my mom. The dark, shiny wood pieces were well made and classy. I used to drive clear across town to the only store around to pick her out birthday and Christmas presents.

As I’m still learning the ropes of chalk paint and distressing and re-loving furniture, it’s clear to me that I really am on a learning curve. With previous pieces, I’ve enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to sand down the furniture before applying the chalk paint. I tried it that way with this, and came to the conclusion that I should have given it a quick once-over with my sanding block before starting, just to give it a little better surface for the chalk paint to stick. The shiny top-coat was definitely not wanting to get covered up with my Mark Twian’s House yellow custom chalk paint at first. But after many coats and a lot of time and some sanding, we ended up with this:

photo 3

I can’t wait to get it to Columbia and present it to Claire so she can enjoy it in her new home! Happy birthday, friend!

Happy, Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy, Happy

$375 SOLD!


You wanna know what makes me happy, happy, happy (besides a fresh, hot brownie with vanilla ice cream)? The look on someone’s face when they have finally found “the piece” they’ve been looking for.

It’s an extra cool feeling when I’m the one who made it and can sell it to them for a reasonable price that won’t take that smile off their face too soon.

That’s what happened with this piece that I had so much fun re-lovin’!






IMG_6486 Perfect for cottage, shabby chic, coastal, or country decors, this is a versatile piece that could be used in its new owner’s bedroom, living room, foyer, dining room, study, or bonus room. With solid construction, dovetailed drawers, original hardware and glass knobs, this armoire will not only look great, but will also last.

The armoire has been custom chalk painted grey with dark wax, and distressed in all the right places so that it will be protected for years of enjoyment.

H: 58 1/2″
W: 42 1/8″
D: 20″

I can also CUSTOM PAINT your pieces! If you have a piece that you would like to see remade into something spectacular, email me for information.

God Winks

God Winks

$425 SOLD!

My mom used to call them “God winks”…moments in time where things just work out in your favor, and it’s completely unexpected. God winks are not something you’ve been praying and fasting and believing for and then they happen. They are blessings, big or small, that happen out of the blue and help you just know that God’s right there with you, ordering your steps.

I had a “God wink” moment when I got a hold of this piece and his brother. One of those…seriously, is this all falling into place so easily, or am I just dreaming?

Almost immediately I knew what I was going to do with it. This.




Oooooohhhhh, I’m a happy girl.

This peacock blue 9 drawer dresser is sure to make a statement in many rooms of your house. Traditionally found in a bedroom, it can be the piece that pulls everything together. With plenty of counter space and storage, it could also rock your face off in a baby’s nursery as a changing table/dresser combo. It could be used as a TV console with plenty of storage for books and magazines, DVDs, toys, and accessories. OR, let it be your statement piece as a buffet in your dining room, using the storage for silverware, napkins, plates, centerpieces, and candles. The possibilities are many.

This dresser is heavy, solid, sturdy, and has dovetailed drawers. The girl who sold it to me said, “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” Indeed.

It has been painted with custom chalk paint, distressed in all the right places, and waxed for protection so you can enjoy it for years to come.

The dimensions of this beauty are:
H: 31 3/4″
L: 76″
D: 20″

I can also CUSTOM PAINT any of your pieces! If you have a piece of furniture that is blah and outdated, I would love to connect with you to figure out how to bring it back into the spotlight by painting and distressing it for you.

It Is Well

it is well

It Is Well With My Soul Signs


In our house, there are a lot of people. 3 kids 5 years old and under, a teenager, a crazy preacher man, and me.

We also tend to add  flocks of people who come by for a meal, a meeting, a play date, etc…on a semi-regular basis.

Our neighbors laugh and say they don’t know how we always have a virtual welcome sign on our door.  To that we say that God gives us grace to be hospitable.

I’ve learned to not freak out and make excuses as to why my house isn’t pristine all the time when people show up.

It’s. Just. Not.

And that’s okay with me. Now.

I used to spend hours cleaning and scrubbing, cooking and preparing, making sure every detail was taken care of before opening the door to my home or my heart.

I’ve learned that people care more about what kind of conversation you can engage them in than the name brand on your furniture.

I’ve learned that people will adjust their schedule or eating preferences quickly when invited over for an impromptu meal.

I’ve learned that the down and out don’t care how many square feet your house is, as long as they’re invited in.

God’s been working on me in these last 8 years since being married to crazy preacher man. He’s transformed me according to His plan.

We began hosting people in our tiny, old apartment in Los Angeles…where the carpet could come up if you pulled one random string.

When we moved to Greenville, I cut my teeth on southern cuisine. Cornbread and collard greens and lots of folks all crammed in our slightly bigger, slightly newer apartment.

Our first home which I thought was a palace at the time, with stains on the carpet from muddy little feet and dropped sippy cups.

Our rental in Charlotte that was entirely too small to host the people who were interested in being a part of the church we were planting.

And now, our beautiful new home which has room to spare.

No matter where we’ve lived, one thing has stayed the same…Jesus has been doing a work in and through us, and that is enough. No matter what trials have come, what joys we’ve celebrated, what challenges we’ve walked through, He’s taught us to be content in being His.

That’s the place where these signs have come from. The virtual welcome sign hanging on our hearts.

“Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say…

It is well, it is well with my soul.”

These It Is Well With My Soul signs are made from reclaimed wood and done with a custom teal chalk paint, as well as acrylics.

Each sign measures 24″ x 21″ and has hanging wire already attached.